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Different kind of honeys

In our Honey-Shop you can find many honeys with different colours and pure Propolis both with high-end quality.
Honig -Schmidt stands as a traditional company since 1936 for honey with highest quality and honey delivery within Germany. Additionally to the different honeys propolis powder and honey schnapps are very popular products. We offer honeys from dark to light coloured appearance.

*** dark honey : ***

  • Forest honey Honey-Shop
    You can recognize the dark colour very good while holding the glass against a source of light. The flavour of forest honey is strong with a slightly sweet taste. It is one of the most common honeys.

  • fir honey fir honey
    This is one of the most valuable and precious honeys. The dark brown or black-greenish colour proofs its quality. Despite it is not sweet, the flavour is strong and spicy.

  • White fir honey white fir honey
    This is the premium product of honeys and very rare.

*** Light coloured honeys : ***

  • Wild flower honey flower honey
    Due to the mild taste this honey is eclectic usable. Our customers like that honey to sweeten the tea or as parfait.
  • Acacia honey acacia honey
    Our acacia honey has a yellow colouring. It is even more neutral and delicate concerning the taste. Therefore it does not adulterate the aroma of other meals or drinks.

Propolis and honey schnapps in the Propolis Shop:

Propolis Shop Propolis is often used because it is said that it might have pharmaceutical potency. It is also said that it might have effects concerning the immune system when you take it on a regular basis. Popular and NEW are our Propolis cosmetics : Propolis lip balsam stick
Propolis skin cream dermatological tested
Propolis toothpaste
Propolis shower gel / foam bath

A "taste experience" with all the different honeys.

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