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Honig -Schmidt:
Quality since more than 70 years

Our honey:

Honig -Schmidt is a company with long tradition. We deliver high-quality honey in Germany since 1936. This honey from the Black Forest and all specialities are natural finish. You can buy them in different amounts of the fines selection in our honey shop.

honey shopYou can find us in the honey shop

Bee honey and specialities like propolis:

Forest honey Gelee royal
fir honey Propolis powder
White fir honey Propolis tincture
Wild flower honey Propolis Creme
Acacia honey Honey schnapps

Buy honey in the shop, honey that comes directly from the apiarist, honey delivery.
The good quality is what our loyal customers appreciate. It derives from an accurately choice of our apiarists. They deliver different varieties of honey from different regions for our since decades satisfied customers.

Honey types:

We deliver only finest honey from Germany or Europe.

Dark honey :
We have aromatic and spicy dark honey, Black Forest organic honey, the Bavarian Forest and other areas rich of firs.
Light coloured honey :
The light coloured honeys like wild flower honey and acacia honey derive mainly from the South and North of Germany as well as from French provinces.

What about the tradition of our honey company:

In the 1930s, the apiarist as well as merchant Josef Schmid, founder of the company, began to create the bottling plant. In 1954, he got the certificate of the German apiarist community due to the high quality of the honey. In the following decades our bottling plant got many awards and medals for good performance and amicability of the honey.

In the meantime the company is led since nearly 30 years in the third generation. Many loyal customers confirm the quality buying the products on a regular basis and writing letters to encourage us to remain true to the high quality of our honey. That honey has a antibacterial and disinfectant effect concerning outer appliance knew already Egyptians. They put honey in the balsam to mummify people.

propolis in practice and also see propolis creme

You can do all this with honey. It is important to take the honey between meals or mixed with tea. A combination of tea for colds with honey is very auspicious.

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