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Propolis Tincture

Buy propolis tincture 20% and 40% Propolis Tincture Propolistincture

Pure propolis is suspended in alcohol. You call that propolis drops. You can buy the rare, pure propolis as well as propolis drops in our shop. Honig-Schmidt offers excellent quality. The drops are dermatological tested. You can find the recipe for propolis drops in our honey-dictionary.

Fabrication of propolis drops / propolis tincture: you solute pure propolis in undenaturated alcohol. That takes several weeks. Our propolis drops are produced professionally. For outer appliance the tincture was dermatological tested by an autonomous institute.

Propolis Tincture Propolistincture

Appliance of propolis tincture and propolis drops

bad breath
- inflammation of the throat
- skin injuries and abrasions
- illnesses in the throat: gargle 10 drops of the tincture in a glass of water
- menstrual cramps: 5 drops in glass of water (two times a day)

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