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Bees collect the base of propolis as a resinous substance from buds. Partly it gets collected at tree lesions.

Propolis Powder Propolispowder

Propolis powder is kibbled, pure propolis and its effects.

Propolis. They strengthen the immune system. Concerning chronic aphthae in the oral cavity propolis powder had for some people long lasting analgic effects.

Another application area of propolis ask your doc please.

Only very few people are allergic to propolis. You can test that by putting a drop of water mixed with propolis powder to your forearm. If there are coetaneous reactions (e.g. itchiness), the allergy test is positive. This would mean that you are with a high probability allergic to propolis.

Inner appliance of propolis powder

  • Propolis powder against hay fever
  • colds
  • strengthen the immune defence
  • smaller injuries in the oral cavity
  • alleviation of pain concerning aphtae
  • costiveness and constipation
  • sleeplessness, nervousness, fatigue, enervation
  • Positive impact on the blood pressure
  • Propolis powder as prevention of arteriosclerosis

Propolis Powder Propolispowder

Outer appliance of propolis powder

  • Treatment of wounds with propolis powder
  • Desinfection of smaller cuts or abrasions
  • Dental hygiene
  • sunburns
  • treatment of acne with propolis powder
  • Conjunctivitis and marginal blepharitis
  • Propolis powder against hay fever

Creation of a propolis tincture, buy propolis powder

You can produce propolis tinctures by your own. You need:
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-30g raw propolis or propolis powder
-60g of a 96% medical alcohol

Mix the propolis powder with the alcohol and keep the mixture at room temperature enclosed for 14 days. You should agitate it once or twice a day. Afterwards you use a paper filter to fill the mixture into a vessel. You need to be patient to do this because it filters very slow and can last for several hours. Before every usage of the tincture you should agitate the vessel.

Composition of propolis or propolis powder

  • 55 % natural resin
  • 30 % wax
  • 10 % oils
  • 05 % pollen

Propolis Powder Propolispowder

Normally a beehive has to protect itself from bacteria and germs. They are quite numerous because the bees bring them with the collected pollen to the beehive. Fungi and diseases therefore should extend. Why do they not extend? Propolis is indeed a disinfection material. The immune sterility of the beehive explains why even honey or the bee-bread don't ferment and go bad. Propolis protects the beehive and bees must not fear infections even though they live in a very small area - the beehive. Propolis contains 55% resin, up to 30% wax, 5% farina and 10% essential oils.

In the Peasants' War 1899-1902 propolis achieved success, too. But people more or less forgot about it and in the beginning of the 20th century the word was even banned from the dictionaries. Nowadays we have to rediscover propolis. Propolis is used to make the beehive winter proof, because bees can repair clefts and other damages with it. The word 'propolis' means 'guard in front of the town'. This again makes clear that propolis protects the bees from enemies. Research findings prove that propolis has painkilling, disinfectant and immune system strengthening effects.
Propolis has several features like protecting the beehive against bacteria and germs as well as the encasing of the beehive entry. Bees use propolis to make the beehive winter proof as they can close clefts or holes. Propolis has nearly no resistance and contains at least 30 substances which operate antimicrobial

Where else is propolis powder used:

Propolis in the form of drops, salves or chewing substance can be recommended concerning acne, sciatica, gastritis, arthritis, arthrosis, clavus, aphthae, gingivitis and to strengthen the immune system. Propolis is nothing new, even in the ancient world people knew that agent. It became - like many other natural remedies - buried in oblivion. Biological tests showed that propolis kills many harmful micro organisms.

Propolis is a building material of bees. The colour of propolis can be between yellow and red or brown. The colour varies depending to the source. Resin of alders is yellow, the one of conkers red, resin of the black poplar brown and of birch trees black.

Consuming Propolis with honey is possible.

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