Honey is one of the most popular spreads. But hardly anyone knows about the versatility of honey. Because it is not only enjoyed on the breakfast roll. It can also be processed into many other products.

Since honey is very sweet, it is especially used in the area of sweet treats. Here, however, it is not only used as a sweetener. Special honey sweets are also being reinvented again and again. For example, for real honey fans, there are the honey gummy bears. Only the finest and highest quality ingredients are used for this purpose. The added of sugar can be safely dispensed with. The same applies to honey candies. They are not only particularly tasty. They also strengthen the immune system.

However, honey is not only suitable for eating and drinking. Honey is also present in countless care products. Here it is used in many different shampoos, soaps, shower gels and care masks and cures. The honey is not only so interesting because of its special ingredients. It also offers a wonderful fragrance. And of course there is also something for the eye. Honey-comb soap is not only intended for cleaning. It can also serve as a pretty decoration.

The beeswax candles are also intended for decoration. These can even be easily made by yourself. Special sets are available for this purpose. You can let your imagination run wild, because the beeswax plates can be rolled and rotated in any shape. Beeswax candles exude a pleasant fragrance and also look very good.

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