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Forest honey 1 Kg bucket

Forest honey 1 Kg bucket
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15,85 EUR

15,85 EUR per kg

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Review: 5 von 5
"For 10 years, I have been using this product ... delicious and healthy."
Awadh A. | 20/03/2020

Dear customer,

Due to Corona Virus, we need to slow down and DHL has told us, that they do not deliver anymore into some international countries.

We will update you when international countries will allow to accept shipments again.
If you have received an email from us with a tracking-number your shipment should still arrive. It can take much longer than usual, because of Corona. Please be very patient this time.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you are all safe and healthy.
Best regards from Germany.
altarjumat alaliat 'adnah:
عزيزي العميل،

بسبب فيروس كورونا ، نحتاج إلى التباطؤ وأخبرتنا DHL ، أنهم لم يعودوا يقدمون خدماتهم في بعض البلدان الدولية.

سنقوم بإبلاغك عندما تسمح البلدان الدولية بقبول الشحنات مرة أخرى.
إذا كنت قد تلقيت بريدًا إلكترونيًا منا مع رقم تتبع ، فيجب استمرار وصول الشحنة. يمكن أن يستغرق وقتًا أطول من المعتاد ، بسبب كورونا. يرجى التحلي بالصبر هذه المرة.

نشكرك على تفهمك ونأمل أن تكون جميعًا بأمان وصحة.
أطيب التحيات من ألمانيا.

Our quality forest honey with a wounderful dark color.

Our quality forest honey with a wounderful dark color.  
Customer reviews:

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Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 20/03/2020
Author: Awadh A.

For 10 years, I have been using this product ... delicious and healthy.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 16/02/2020
Author: yousef a.

Excellent and useful honey
fast shipping
  My first request from the site and I will evaluate my request after trying more than one type .

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 08/01/2020
Author: Mohammed A.

Excellent honey with high quality. Received within less than a month. I will buy again.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 08/01/2020
Author: Mohammed A.

Excellent honey with high quality. Received within less than a month. I will buy again.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 31/12/2019
Author: Mashal H.

Very nice honey, they do care for shipment, Many thanks.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 25/12/2019

Im so happy to deal with you guys, everything was just perfect, and the taste as usual very good, and its locked so perfect,
I will continue deal with you more and more
Thanks ..

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 17/10/2019
Author: Kamal A.

We love it , my family and frinds. I always order this type of hony, fresh and sweet. Thank you

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 10/08/2019
Author: Marwan

The best honey

its so delicious and healthy, really I love it

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 23/03/2018
Author: Haifa a.

Very good test .. I love it and order secand time , thank you .

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 30/07/2017
Author: mohammed b.

GoodWe felt better in stopping the runny nose and stomach pain

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 15/05/2017
Author: Mansour

Superb taste Great service Quick delivery
Pure honey that is special
Came in a right bottle with excellent packing

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 04/05/2017
Author: mana a.

5 star , very very good product

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 12/03/2017
Author: marwan

I had a permanent obstruction in my nose and I can not breathe. Now take a tablespoon a day. thank God. I feel much better.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 15/06/2016
Author: mana

I love your honey. I order it for more than 3 Years. I will continue order it.

Evaluation:4 of 5 Stars!
Date: 20/02/2016
Author: Dilshad

it was a good quality. i enjoyed its special taste. as many types of honey, this wildhoney stimulates apetitte. i thank schmidt company for the personal feedbacks and prompt shipping.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 17/11/2014
Author: mana

very good , nice smell and good quality , I well order it many time

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 29/10/2014
Author: mana

The finest types of honey which had tasted. In addition, it is normal and healthy. Ultimate smell good

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 30/05/2014
Author: bandr

Honey is good and excellent quality
Shipping Packaging was Very Good

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 02/03/2014
Author: abdulmajed

the honey is great but u need to ubdate and develop ur web site and add description for each tybe

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 24/02/2014
Author: mana

Delicious and refreshing .Taste of nature.High quality you will not find in the market

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 06/08/2013
Author: masad alenazi

The first choice for me

Solve the problems of digestion

Shipping to Saudi Arabia expensive but worth value

I hope to provide greater Sizes and cheaper

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Date: 20/05/2013
Author:  Visitor

Very tasty and excellent quality. I used it daily for health and recommend its use for all the family.

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