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Our Shipping Costs

Insured shipping via DHL to.:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, United States, Yemen

until 5kg*: 55.00 EUR
until 10kg*: 75.00 EUR
until 20kg*: 134.00 EUR
max until 30kg*: 170.00 EUR

We ship with Tracking-Numbers,only. You can track your order in the Internet after you ordered.
DHL EXPRESS also possible, but only after contacting us before you order to tell you the extra costs for this service.(kontakt at symbol honig-schmidt DOT de)

EU and Switzerland(inkl. Customs):*

Belgien Belgien (BE)Italien Italien (IT)Rumänien Rumänien (RO)
Bulgarien Bulgarien (BG)Lettland Lettland (LV)Schweden Schweden (SE)
Dänemark Dänemark (DK)Litauen Litauen (LT)Slowakei Slowakei (SK)
Schweiz Schweiz (CH)Luxemburg Luxemburg (LU)Slowenien Slowenien (SI)
Estland Estland (EE)Malta Malta (MT)Spanien Spanien (ES)
Finnland Finnland (FI)Niederlande Niederlande (NL)Tschechien Tschechien (CZ)
Frankreich Frankreich (FR)Österreich Österreich (AT)Ungarn Ungarn (HU)
Griechenland Griechenland (GR)Polen Polen (PL)Vereinigtes Königreich Vereinigtes Königreich (GB)
Irland Irland (IE)Portugal Portugal (PT)Republik Zypern Zypern (CY)

*= until 900Gramm: 10.00¤; until 5Kg: 18.00¤; until 10Kg: 23.00¤; until 20Kg: 36.00¤; until (max.) 31Kg: 48.00¤

(weight per product, where shiping costs will be calculated for frogeign shipping (everything besides Germany) ONLY.:
-Honey glas 500g (0,82kg)
-Honey bucket 1kg (1,30kg)
-Honey bucket 2,5kg (3,00kg)
-Honey bucket 4,7kg (5,70kg)
-Propolispowder 100g (150g)
-Propolistinktur 20%/40% (100g)
-Propolis toothpaste (150g)
-Propolis-;Royal jelly cremes (150g)
-Propolis and honey shower bath (300g)
-Propolis lipstick (50g)
-Honeyinstensive haar deep conditioner (200g)
-Honey shine conditioner (350g)
-Honey fast deep conditioner spray (300g)
-Honey peeling (300g)
-Shampoo with Propolis and honey (300g)
-Milk honey shower creme (300g)
-Royal Jelly Powder (150g)
Honey hard liquor 0,7l bottle (1500g)
Honey hard liquor 0,35l bottle (1100g)
All other liquors (1500g)

Info: Swiss customers and customers overswee don't have to carry the German VAT of 19%. The 19% VAT will be discounted instantlely while ordering or by the final step of the checkout.


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Propolis powder 100g

01. Propolis powder 100g

from 22,90 EUR
22,90 EUR per 100 g
7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Propolis tincture (lotion) 40%

02. Propolis tincture (lotion) 40%

from 9,99 EUR
49,95 EUR per 100 ml
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Propolis balm

03. Propolis balm

11,90 EUR
23,80 EUR per 100 ml
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Forest honey 500g glass

04. Forest honey 500g glass

7,95 EUR
15,90 EUR per kg
7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Propolis drops without alcohol

05. Propolis drops without alcohol

from 9,75 EUR
48,75 EUR per 100 ml
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Forest honey 2,5 Kg bucket

06. Forest honey 2,5 Kg bucket

35,00 EUR
14,00 EUR per kg
7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs