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Review dated 17.10.2020 12:54


Fawaz A.
Where is my shipment 

Unfortunately, the request for honey was submitted on 2020/07/08
I haven't received it yet !!!!
Admin comment
dear Mr. Alothman. As with other shippments you will receive it, it just takes apparently much longer than expected since DHL sometimes has issues during Corona times to proceed with the normal speed. Please be patient, we have opened a DHL case for you as we have informed you via email, too. DHLwill now look into your case. It will take another 6-8 weeks. We apologize for the inconveniece, but we are certain that we will make you happy at the end. regards

Review dated 10.11.2018 11:53


Kittipat C.
Very bad customer service. I've tried countless times of email and phone call since August (10+ times) and now it is November. They never reply back when I have a problem. Is your phone not working properly? Did you change your email address?
Admin comment
What is very important is that you check your spam folder. All our communication turned out to end in your spam filter, even our tracking information email, which every customer receives automatically automatically after we ship the package via DHL.