Benefits of Black Forest Honey

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Benefits of Black Forest Honey

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during my search for pure honey i found this site and i buy fir and forest honey
i tell my friends about this honey but they asking some question like what is the best for health ? or for stomach problem .. etc

so i want u to tell me what is the Benefits of each type :
1- Acacia honey
2- fir honey
3- Heath honey
4- Lavender honey
5- Linden or lime honey
6- Pine-Tree Honey
7- Rosemary honey
8- Sunflower honey
9- Forest honey
10- White fir honey
11- Flower honey

plz help me :D
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Re: Benefits of Black Forest Honey

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Hello fcbayern! First of all I want to excuse myself, if my English sounds not very well for you, but this is my first article in English, and usually I don´t speak English very often. Anyway I would try to answer your question.
I think that it is hard to allocate any benefits to a special honey. It´s more or less that the most of them having the same characteristics. The main different between them is of course the taste and the quality during the production. Some of them are just produced in special regions, for instance the acacia honey. I´m very sure that you won´t find an acacia apiary in the north of Germany.
To use the honey for special aliment, it´s important how you use him. For instance you could use a hot tea with honey to support the healing of sore throat.
I hope it could help you a little bit, and if you got meanwhile interesting information about this theme, I´m of course curious.