Acacia honey is a very popular honey and is used not only for direct consumption but also for sweetening food or drinks. 

What is acacia honey?

With this type of honey, we have to be very precise right from the start. The honey, which you usually get under the name acacia honey, is not actually an acacia honey, because it almost invariably does not come from the real acacia, but from the false acacia, the robinia. Both plant species are very similar, but botanically not even related to each other. 

Acacias thrive in the tropical to subtropical climate, while the robinia also thrives in our latitudes due to climate adaptation and is mainly native to the extensive primeval forests of Eastern Europe. 

Due to the similarity of the two trees, the honey of Robinia can also be officially referred to as acacia honey. 

For bees, robinias and acacias are real bee pastures due to their lush white flowers with high levels of nectar. Therefore, acacia honey tastes very mild and sweet and has an almost clear color.

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Where does acacia honey come from?

As already described, the robinia has adapted well to the climatic conditions of Central and Southern Europe. In the pristine and extensive primeval forests of the Cape species there are large contiguous Robinia populations. Fortunately, these magnificent forests are a Unesco World Heritage Site and are under special protection. 

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What makes acacia honey so special?

Acacia honey is characterized by a very mild taste. Its aroma is quite strong to intense. The colour of the acacia honey is almost clear to golden yellow. As a sweetener, it is ideal and therefore often replaces household sugar in the kitchen. 

Here you will find many recipe ideas with acacia honey. 

Acacia honey harvests have been very bad in recent years due to climatic changes and we are pleased to be able to offer you this pure acacia honey at this attractive price.

What ingredients does acacia honey have?

Acacia honey is characterized by a relatively balanced ratio of fruit and glucose. Other valuable ingredients such as trace elements, minerals, vitamins and enzymes make it so special. Due to its high fructose content, acacia honey remains liquid for much longer than other honeys before it begins crystallization.

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