Extraction of propolis by the beekeeper

The production or harvest of propolis is done by the beekeeper. There are 2 different methods for this:

Extraction with a propolis grid:
With the propolis grid, beekeepers use a trick and use the natural urge of the bees to close the beehive with the putty resin. Small wooden strips are placed on the propolis mesh attached to the beehive. As a result, air escapes upwards and causes a slight change in the temperature or humidity equilibrium. As described above, the bees try to close this place with the putty resin and thus give off their valuable propolis. The beekeeper only needs to remove the gitter later and freeze it. Then he can simply tap off the propolis and harvest it.

Extraction by manual harvest:
This method is much more complex for the beekeeper, as he removes the hardened putty resin directly from the honeycomb or the entrance holes. This is usually done with a spatula or chisel.

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