Even the big companies in the cosmetics industry have discovered jelly royale as a "miracle weapon". A brand new creation on the market is the Fa personal care series with jelly Royale by Schwarzkopf & Henkel. Manufacturers are thus following the trend for luxury ingredients. After all, jelly royale is something very special. In nature, jelly royale is only given to the queen bees.

They are fed by the honeybees, grow particularly large and live much longer than the simple bees. Royal jelly is a valuable combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates and fatty acids. The new care series has been specially developed to provide the skin with valuable substances and to prevent it from drying out. Toiletries with jelly royale pamper the skin and help it not to lose its natural balance. Now that the major cosmetics manufacturers are also using the unique effect of jelly royale for their products, toiletries with Propolis and Jelly Royale are experiencing a whole new popularity. Whether propolis balm or jelly royale cream – they all have the same purpose: they should pamper the skin and care for it effectively.

In our shop you will find high quality cosmetic products with royal jelly, as well as royal jelly powder and fresh Royal Jelly.

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