Propolis for children?

Many parents wonder whether propolis is also suitable for their child. With a few restrictions (which we explain below), the answer is clearly yes. Propolis has a positive effect on the human organism in many ways and, precisely because of its valuable ingredients, can positively promote the development of the child and also protect the child against diseases and infections. But one after the other.

Honey and products that contain traces of honey are not suitable for babies under 1 year of age. Bacteria can be found in honey that the infant's immature intestines cannot fight off. As a result, toxins can form that can attack the muscles - including the respiratory muscles. The consequences of what is known as infant botulism can be fatal.

Propolis, like royal jelly or pollen, can also contain traces or proportions of honey, so we advise against taking it for children under 1 year of age. After this time, the child's intestine and intestinal flora have developed to such an extent that nothing stands in the way of taking it.

In principle, the intake of propolis by children is to be seen as very positive. Propolis regulates the immune system, which is even weaker in children than in adults. Children in particular need vitamins, minerals and trace elements in natural form in order to grow up. All of this is found in a balanced form in propolis. In addition, the antioxidants form a strong and, above all, natural protective shield against infections.

For an optimal effect of propolis you should definitely pay attention to the quality. Depending on its origin, propolis can contain a large number of undesirable ingredients. Make sure that you buy pure propolis and propolis products that have been tested for origin and ingredients.

What dosage is recommended for children?
We recommend a drop of propolis tincture without alcohol every day at the beginning. The dose can then be increased regularly every month to the maximum recommended amount of 10 drops per day. For adults, the recommended maximum is 20 drops per day.

Please note that this article is for impartial information. It does not constitute a recommendation for medical treatment and in no way replaces consultation and treatment with a doctor. In the event of illness, please always consult a recognized doctor.

All information about the ingredients and use of propolis can be found in our propolis lexicon.

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