Propolis is a product that is extracted and used by bees. For example, bees use the propolis as a building material for their hive. This substance prevents germs, fungi and bacteria from spreading in the hive. In some cases, these pathogens are even killed by the substance propolis.

Due to the many different Propolis ingredients, which include vitamins, amino and fatty acids, essential oils, enzymes, flavonoids and many more, humans can take advantage of them. But also animals. In particular, dogs are fed with the natural fabric.

Propolis for dogs can be used, for example, for small wounds. It inhibits pain and can kill germs and bacteria. Wound infections can be prevented by propolis for dogs.

Propolis for dogs is available in various forms. For example, they can be used as a propolitism. In this form, it is suitable for both external and internal application. The Propolis for dogs is also available as ointment or balm. Here it is usually combined with the marigold. Such an ointment of marigolds and propolis is especially suitable in winter for the care of dog paws. Aging dogs can be peppered with propolis and give the dog's organism resilience.

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