If you think of a beekeeping, you will probably see men and women with the typical beekeeper's clothes in front of their spiritual eye as they try to remove their bulging honeycombs from the bee houses in order to extract the delicious and healthy honey from it. But sweet juice is by no means the only thing you can buy in most beekeeping establishments.

Most beekeeping companies cannot really live on the sale of honey from their bees. That's why you make other products there with what the bees deliver.

Very widespread are the various, very different culinary specialties, which consist either completely or at least to a large extent of honey. Examples of this include the delicious and healthy honey candies or the refined honey mustard. Also Met, the sweet honey wine, probably falls into the range of culinary delicacies and is produced in many beekeeping companies itself.

However, there are also many other honey products that you cannot eat or drink, but which have different qualities. For example, there are a whole range of cosmetic products that contain honey. The most famous are probably the soaps here. There are also shampoos, care and gloss rinses with honey, shower and foam baths or face and body creams as well as care balm for the lips, in which honey is contained.

By the way, you can not only do something good yourself with one or the other product from an apiary. Most of these things are also great for giving them away nicely packaged to friends or family members.

When selecting your bee products, rely on Honig-Schmidt - the honey manufacturer in the Black Forest with over 70 years of experience. 

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