Although spring is just around the corner, this is not yet a guarantee that you will be safe from a cold in the coming months. Such a cough can finally avoid the days all year round and make sure that you spend the nights with annoying and painful coughing fits around your ears instead of sleeping softly and calmly. Now, if you are affected by the cough, you can go to the pharmacy to get chemical remedies for healing or you can resort to the good old and of course also very cheap home remedies.

For example, it has long been known that honey is supposed to provide relief to a ching neck. And so it is not surprising that honey is found in many cough candies, for example. Such candies are not so bad to get through the day with his cough reasonably well. But what do you do at night when the cough doesn't leave you alone and sleep is unthinkable? Then you can make yourself a warm honey beer, for example!

For a warm honey beer you only need a bottle of beer, the variety doesn't really matter, and of course honey. The beer is heated in a saucepan. But be careful: the beer must not boil, otherwise the alcohol containing it will evaporate. And finally, alcohol is supposed to make sure that you can fall asleep better. Add a few spoonfuls of honey to the warm beer. The honey soothes the neck. The honey beer should be drunk as warm as possible, even if it is really not very tasty.

Since honey beer contains alcohol, you should really only drink it in the evening before going to bed and for children and people under 16 this remedy is of course not suitable.

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