Some people start their day with a delicious honey bun. But the sweet flower juice is not only pure a real pleasure and a healthy one. Honey is also an excellent sweetener and, due to its unmistakable own taste, is also ideally suited for the refinement of a wide variety of dishes.

First of all, it should be mentioned that honey is not the same as honey. There are countless different varieties that differ in consistency and taste. For example, there is forest honey, which may only bear this name if the bees have collected the nectar exclusively in a forest. Forest honey is a bit tart in taste and not quite as sweet as, for example, the mild and very sweet clover honey.

In addition to the taste, the different varieties also differ in their consistency. For example, there is very thin-liquid honey or creamy, viscous honey. The creaminess of the honey does not arise naturally but by stirring the honey several times a day before filling it into the honey glasses.

So if you want to refine food with the healthy and tasty honey, then there can be a difference in taste depending on which variety you are reaching for. Consistency is also important when cooking and baking with honey. If you want to use honey for baking, for example from bee sting, Aachener prints or banana bread, then you should resort to the creamy varieties. For dressings and desserts or for the daily muesli, however, you can then use the liquid varieties. Virtually any type of honey can be used if you make a hot milk or if you simply use it as a spread.

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