When is one honey better than another and when can I be sure that I will find good quality of the honey?

A honey, which is good from a laboratory point of view, must meet many criteria. sugar content, preservation of the valuable ingredients of honey, etc.

It starts with beekeeping. This can have a significant influence on the quality of the honey. Z.B. the "house" of bees, which is made of wood and should withstand the weather, must not be coated with toxic protective paints. Bees should not be fed sugar and, in general, the handling of animals should be handled responsibly.

Quality honey is also characterized by the absence of residues from pesticides or other protective agents, or by the fact that no genetic crops can provide pollen for the bees. Finally, the degree of heating is also important. Honey should not be heated above 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the valuable ingredients of the honey will break. Furthermore, the purity of the beeswax is also decisive for the quality of the honey, to name just a few criteria, which can have an impact on the "quality" of the honey.

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