Even in ancient Egypt, honey enjoyed great popularity. At that time, honey was almost exclusively the only sweetener. In pharaoh's graves honey was even found as a burial gift.

To this day, the popularity of honey has increased. Because it is not only to be used as a delicious food.

Honey is also widely used in cosmetics. In shampoos, lotions, shower gels and creams, it is a component and thus ensures healthy and radiant skin and hair. Of course, you can also make cosmetics from honey yourself. With various ingredients such as quark, eggs and the like, invigorating and refreshing masks for skin and hair can be combined.

The use as a food stuff should of course not be forgotten with all the versatility. So the honey can not only be enjoyed excellently for breakfast on bread, rolls, toast and co. It is also very suitable as a sweetener in tea. And the honey is also almost indispensable for baking and cooking. Christmas pastries and cakes without honey are hard to imagine. And many roasts get a particularly crisp crust by brushing with the sweet food.

In the field of beverages, manufacturers are becoming more and more imaginative. In addition to the well-known and well-tried Met, there are now also honey beers, honey liqueur, various wines refined with honey and also milk drinks.

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