Organic beeswax wraps M (20x20 cm), Marine, 2 pieces

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With our beeswax towels you can keep food fresh in the long term and say goodbye to cling film or aluminum foil.

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Organic beeswax wraps M (20x20 cm), Marine, 2 pieces
17,50 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (DHL Warenpost national/international)

Our beeswax wraps from Wildwax are 100% plastic-free food packaging. The Wildwax beeswax cloth protects edibles like a second shell, lets food breathe and live longer. The flexible cloth adheres easily and precisely to any shape and is suitable for keeping food fresh, freezing, covering and taking away food. Not suitable for raw meat or fish. The organic beeswax used for these beeswax cloths is a natural preservative due to its high propolis content. The loosely woven cotton is breathable and prevents the formation of condensation, which would encourage mold. With all these properties, our beeswax wraps take on the natural function of the shell even with open cut surfaces and thus keep food fresh, crisp and healthy for longer. Beeswax cloths are also 100% natural, so they are completely compostable and harmless to humans and nature. Beeswax cloths save a lot of space in the fridge and freezer and also look a lot nicer than cling film and plastic cans. The beeswax cloth • lets your food breathe • is naturally antibacterial thanks to the organic beeswax, spruce resin and organic coconut oil • is washable, reusable many times and therefore environmentally friendly • adapts to the shape of the container or the food • is lovingly made by hand • is fully compostable (zero waste) Beeswax is inherently safe for consumption - as long as it is of good quality and as free of harmful substances as possible. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is used in many areas, from medicine to cosmetics to food production. The organic beeswax for the production of these beeswax cloths comes from animal welfare and is regularly checked for harmful substances. Thanks to the high propolis content, foods that are packed in this beeswax stay fresh, crunchy and healthy even longer. The airy woven organic cotton is breathable and prevents condensation from forming in the cloth. The printing inks used are GOTS certified and of course non-toxic. Instead of jojoba oil, our manufacturer Wildwax uses food-safe coconut fat, which comes from certified organic and fair cultivation. The coconut oil makes our towels particularly flexible and supple. It also prevents the wax mixture from accidentally peeling off and spreading onto the packaged food. All components are 100% natural and meet the highest quality standards. They are absolutely safe for consumption. Cleaning the beeswax These beeswax cloths are best cleaned by hand and with cold water. A mild detergent with little or no alcohol can help against heavy soiling. Vinegar can be used to disinfect if necessary. After cleaning, the cloth can simply air dry or gently rub dry with a towel. It is better not to wring out the beeswax, crumple it, wash it in the dishwasher or dry it in the oven. Lifespan: Our beeswax cloths can be used again and again. With good care, the cloth will last up to 2 years. Even discarded cloths can still be used as a grill lighter, soap dish or painting pad. Afterwards, our beeswax cloths can be completely composted. The advantages at a glance: Bye plastic: With the use of our beeswax you help to reduce plastic. No more clear or aluminum foil. Stable and self-adhesive: The special and proven mixture of organic beeswax, spruce resin and organic coconut oil ensures optimal protection and hold. Real, fair craftsmanship: The beeswax cloths are carefully and laboriously produced by hand. Social, fair, local and sustainable, of course. No risk to health: All raw materials are carefully selected, absolutely harmless and approved and certified for use with food. Great design: The colorful, great design of the towels not only pleases the food, but also the eye. Best quality: We made a conscious decision to use beeswax cloths from Wildwax for our shop. The quality of the towels is excellent and you will also be delighted. Of course, we also use them ourselves.
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