Rosemary honey

Another mild and very aromatic honey is rosemary honey. Rosemary is neither a tree nor a flower, but a spicy herb, which is appreciated for its essential oils in the kitchen and to which some healing powers are attributed. 

Those who have been to the south of Europe in February or March will have enjoyed the intense scent of wild-flowering rosemary. For bees, this wild-flowering rosemary with its blue flowers is a true magnet and a bee pasture. The resulting honey captures this fragrance as a wonderful aroma. 

Although rosemary blooms almost all year round, the rosemary honey harvest usually takes place from April to summer. 

Where does rosemary honey come from?

Rosemary is also increasingly found in gardens in our latitudes, but the traditional cultivated areas are found in southern European countries such as Spain, Greece or Italy. In addition to the rosemary fields, wild-flowering rosemary is also widely spread there, so that beekeepers can produce the best rosemary honey here. 

Wild-growing rosemary shrubs are also the ones that give our rosemary honey its intense color and noble flavor. In our claim to choose the best honey, this rosemary honey from Spain convinced us with a subtle and very fine rosemary note, as well as its excellent consistency and colouring.

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What makes rosemary honey so special?

Rosemary contains a high number of essential oils used to produce fragrances. Above all, however, people use these essential oils for the preparation of food, as well as for alleviating discomfort.

Due to its origin, rosemary is an excellent match for Mediterranean dishes and for refining strong meat dishes. Rosemary honey is also used for the production of special marinades. In our blog you will find some recipes for which rosemary honey is suitable – especially the rosemary-honey soup. 

But the healing effect of rosemary honey has also been known for centuries. The essential oils can provide relief for coughing and sore throatby by loosening a teaspoon of rosemary honey into herbal tea. Rosemary is also used for stomach problems. 

Buy rosemary honey - what should you look out for?

Make sure you buy pure rosemary honey. Often other honey is added to the rosemary honey to soften the rosmarinaroma. However, this distorts the taste. Our rosemary honey is 100% varietal honey.

Rosemary honey crystallizes faster than other honeys. This is an absolutely natural process and not an indication of a reduced quality – on the contrary. If you want to liquefy the honey again, simply place it in a warm water bath. Be careful not to heat the honey above 40 degrees to preserve the valuable ingredients of the rosemary honey. 

Our rosemary honey is honey in the best quality. We offer it in 2 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 2.5kg.

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More detailed information about all our honey strains can be found in our honey blog.

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