Black Forest White fir honey is the specialty of our house and a real premium honey. White fir honey is very rare and highly appreciated as a rarity with strong taste and valuable health-promoting ingredients among honey lovers from all over the world.

What is white fir honey?

White fir honey belongs to the category of forest honey and is a honeydew honey. The honey is therefore not obtained from flower nectar, but from honeydew. Honeydew is a liquid excreted by insects that sit on the needles of the white fir and absorb the ingredients such as essential oils of the white fir. The bees absorb the honeydew and process it further into honey. The insects that absorb the plant juices of the white fir are shield lice. These microorganisms are therefore originally responsible for the white fir honey.

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Where does the white fir honey come from?

Extensive white fir forests exist in Central and Eastern Europe, for example in the Black Forest, the Czech Republic or Poland. The white fir grows in mountainous regions between 500 meters and 2,800 meters.

White fir honey is so rare because the dryness and heat of the last few years also make the dry and the heat of the last years very difficult. These unfavourable weather conditions ensure that there is not enough plant juice for the lice and therefore not for the bees. Good harvests are therefore only available about every 3 years and if the development of temperatures continues in this way, white fir honey becomes even rarer.

Moreover, the term 'fir honey' is protected. This means that a white fir honey can only be described as such if it actually comes from the honeydew of the white firs. Our white fir honey is a real Black Forest white fir honey.

What makes white fir honey so special?

White fir honey is so popular due to its dark color and its strong, spicy taste with a slightly malty note. It is not as sweet as a flower honey, but rather with a slightly tart taste. It remains liquid for longer than other honeys. Should the white fir honey crystallize (a completely natural process, which does not represent a quality disadvantage), you can liquefy the honey again by slowly heating it in the water bath. Please be careful not to heat the honey above 40 degrees, otherwise the valuable ingredients will be lost.

What are the ingredients of white fir honey?

Here we come to another advantage of white fir honey.  Our white fir honey has an antioxidant effect. This is due to its high content of minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes, as well as essential oils. The ratio of fructose to glucose is about 1:3.

Due to its valuable ingredients, white fir honey is considered to be very healthy:

  • It is used in children against iron deficiency.
  • Due to the high proportion of essential oils, white fir honey is used for respiratory diseases (here you can find recipes with honey for colds)
  • In addition, white fir honey should generally have an anti-infection effect

Buy white fir honey - that's what you need to pay attention to

As already described, white fir honey is very rare due to the limited white fir deposits and the poor climatic conditions due to climate change. In Germany, it comes from the Black Forest, but also has to be imported often due to demand. The problem here is that white fir honey from abroad can also come from spruce or honey is mixed by spruce.

Our honey is Black Forest white fir honey in the best quality. We offer it in 4 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 1kg, 2.5kg or 4.7kg.

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More detailed information about all our honeys can be found here.

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